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Volume 42, Number 2


Limping Into the Future: The U.N. 1267 Terrorism Listing Process at the Crossroads (PDF)
by Craig Forcese & Kent Roach

A Kind of Judgment: Searching for Judicial Narratives after Death (PDF)
by Timothy William Waters


Pharmaceutical Patent Protection and Trips:  The Countries that Cried Wolf and Why Defining “National Emergency” Will Save them from Themselves (PDF)
by Caroline Manne

Gambling With Our Future: A Call for Needed WTO Dispute Resolution Reform as Illustrated by the U.S.-Antigua Conflict Over Online Gambling (PDF)
by Jeremy B. Darling

Killing for Art: The Council of Europe and the Need for a Ban on the Slaughter of Animals for Artistic Expression (PDF)
by Rachel M. Share


Contested Statehood: Kosovo’s Struggle for Independence by Marc Weller (PDF)
by Sean D. Murphy


The International Law of Investment Claims (PDF)

Civilising Globalisation: Human Rights and the Global Economy (PDF)

Law and Economics of Contingent Protection in International Trade (PDF)

Fault Lines of International Legitimacy (PDF)

The Legal Dimensions of Oil and Gas in Iraq: Current Reality and Future Prospects (PDF)

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