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Volume 43, Number 3


Witchcraft Accusations and Human Rights: Case Studies from Malawi (PDF)
by Chi Adanna Mgbako & Katherine Glenn

Universal Jurisdiction: A Means to End Impunity or A Threat to Friendly International Relations? (PDF)
by Karinne Coombes


Protecting Individual Rights on Post-Invasion Iraq (PDF)
by Jonathan M. Gaffney

Europe to the Rescue: The Killing of Journalists in Russia and the European Court of Human Rights (PDF)
by Wrede Smith

Remittances Shouldn’t Break the Bank: South Africa’s Exchange Control Regulations, Anti-Money Laundering Identity Requirements, and Protecting Cross-Border Remitters (PDF)
by Erin Carter

Zingari or Italiani?: Discrimination Against Roma in Italy and the European Court of Human Rights (PDF)
by Deirdre Ziegenfuss

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