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Editors Selected for Volume 50!

Congratulations to the Editors of Volume 50!

Congratulations to the following members selected to be the editors for Volume 50 of the International Law Review:

Melissa O’Brien
Executive Managing Editor
Brian Kang
Executive Guide Editor
Priom Ahmed
Executive Articles Editor
Karyan San Martano
Executive Notes Editor
Vincent Glynn
Managing Editors
Madeline DiLascia
Connor Ferraro
David Fronckowiak
Rubin Waranch
Articles Editors
Sophia Chen
Bryan LaFonte
Patrick Lee
Quan Li
Lewis Preston
Notes Editors
Valerie Doescher
Adreianna Grimsley
Eric Hernandez
Lidiya Kurin
Eman Lemu
Jessica Yarnes
Administrative &
Online Notes Editor
Erik Coon
Production Editor
Ja Hyeon Park
Symposium Editor
Grace Castro

Publication Tracker

Vol. 51, Number 3 – Published

Vol. 51, Number 4 –  Published

Vol. 52, Number 1 – EPE

Vol. 52, Number 2 – EME

Publication Process: 

After selecting which Articles and Notes to publish, the Article Editors (AE) work with the authors to fine tune the above-the-line text. Thereafter, the ILR Members and Managing Editors (ME) collect the cited sources, substantiate the claims, and edit the footnote citations. The Executive Production Editor (EPE) then completes a final review before sending each Issue to our printer.